MIL-JUNG: A Film Set in the Japanese Colonial Period

After three fruitful partnerships, director KIM Jee-woon and actor SONG Kang-ho will reunite for their fourth film. The two veterans partnered previous through The Quiet Family (1998), The Foul King (2000), and The Good, The Bad, and The Weird (2008). This time, they will be working together on a film set during the Japanese colonial period in Korea, titled Mil-jung (w/t).
The film, which is currently in pre-production, is about ‘Eui-yeol-dan’, an anarchist independent movement group that was formed in 1919 and was active in the 20s. The story follows a fictional character who is a member of the group and will outline the general activities of ‘Eui-yeol-dan’. SONG’s role has yet to be unveiled.
The producers behind the SONG-led The Attorney’s (2013), Withus Film, is on board for the project, and the film will begin shooting in late August.