YOO Ha Preps 7th Feature, LAND GATE, GANGNAM 1970

Rising star LEE Min-ho has been cast in YOO Ha's new film Land Gate, Gangnam 1970.
LEE Min-ho, who appeared in films such as Public Enemy Returns (2008) and Our School’s E.T. (2008), quickly rose to stardom with the 2009 hit TV drama Boys Over Flowers
Land Gate, Gangnam 1970 is a new action noir from YOO Ha, the director of Spirit of Jeet Keun Do - Once Upon a Time in High School (2004), A Dirty Carnival (2006), A Frozen Flower (2010) and Howling (2012). Director YOO stated that LEE caught his eye from the start.

Like Spirit of Jeet Keun Do: Once Upon a Time in High School, Land Gate, Gangnam 1970 is also set in Gangnam, Seoul during the 70s, a time when this particular location was at the heart of a real estate development boom. YOO Ha’s long awaited comeback in period filmmaking with this latest project follows the conspiring works of politics and unseen power.
Land Gate, Gangnam 1970 is expected to start production around March, 2014.