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Ko - production in Busan
  • THE OUTLAWS Tops All-Time VOD Sales, Obliterates Previous Record
  • by Christopher Weatherspoon /  Feb 19, 2018
  • Crime Thriller Reaches Milestone Five Times Faster than Previous Record Holder

    Don LEE (TRAIN TO BUSAN, 2016) vehicle THE OUTLAWS (2017) is proving to be as a big smash hit with viewers at home as it was in theaters. Directed by KANG Yun-sung and also starring YOON Kye-sang (The Bacchus Lady, 2016), the crime action film has topped sales in the VOD market. 

    According to the film’s distributor Novus Media corp., THE OUTLAWS recorded a staggering KRW 11 billion (US$ 10.1 million) in VOD sales between November 16 and January 21, making it the all-time record holder for domestic VOD sales. Even more amazing is the speed at which the feat was accomplished. It took the previous record holder, the Disney animated feature Frozen (2014), 10 months to break the all-time VOD sales record while it only took THE OUTLAWS  two months.

    Released last October during Chuseok, THE OUTLAWS was a surprise hit with audiences, helping it to eventually top the domestic box office amid strong competition. According to data from the Korean Film Council’s (KOFIC) box office records database, the film brought in 6.8 million viewers and recorded US$ 51.9 million in revenue over the course of its theatrical run.
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  • Comment
  • Writer :  | 2018-02-20 23:46:21
  • I think that it is way time that Don Lee be recognised for his working skill level, personally I believe him to be one of the very best actors to come out of the Korean movie industry. It& #39;s a massive shame that he& #39;s not really recognised in the English speaking nations because his sheer brilliance would win him over hands down. For the past couple of years I have actually been busy collecting his movies on DVDs whether they have English subtitles or not, Don& #39;s sheer brilliance overrides the need for subs, of course this being my own humble opinion, if you don& #39;t agree, honestly I don& #39;t care!!!