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Ko - production in Busan
  • KANG Soo-yeon, Co-director of BIFF Organization Committee, Finally Speaks
  • by Ha Sung-tae /  Aug 10, 2015
  • "The Only Criterion for Selection Is the Quality of the Film as Artwork" 
    KANG Soo-yeon, the newly appointed co-director of the Busan International Film Festival Organization Committee as of July 6th, finally made official appearance in almost one month. Along with LEE Yong-kwan, the existing director of the committee, she attended at the press conference on the August 7th and shared her vision on the 20th BIFF.
    KANG explained that she is aware of the challenges that BIFF is facing this year, and that she has been working hard trying to learn the actual dynamics. "There's no confusion due to co-leadership." said she confidently.
    Referencing to her life plan that "There's nothing else other than being an actress in my life", KANG explained that she accepted this job because it would be beneficial to her life as an actress through discovering new auteurs and selecting good films.
    The festival program was also mentioned, which is to be officially announced during the press conference scheduled for the August 25th. "The program is not yet 100% complete, but newly found works from the 1960s will be introduced. You will be astonished to find sections like the 100 best Asian films. ‘Entertainment Intellectual Property (E-IP) Market’ will be the first in the world." said KANG confidently.
    Referring to the conflicts with Busan City since BIFF last year, KANG assured that she knew what people's concerns were. "Those conflicts existed from the first year. However, BIFF has become the kind of prestigious festival that it is today because BIFF invited only the good films, not being affected by those outside conflicts." said she.
    KANG also added that "No bias will be tolerated, whether political or commercial. The only criterion for selecting films is their quality as art work, and nothing else."
    LEE Yong-kwan attended the press conference with KANG and confessed that he felt like "having thousands of horses and several thousands of soldiers." "I am confident that, with KANG who has made this brave decision, we can fight any kind of obstacles together. We keep conversation with Busan City through various channels, and we want to part from the conflicts in the past. After rain, the ground will be even firmer," explained LEE.
    The 20th BIFF with KANG and LEE in the committee, will be held in various places in Busan including Haeundae through Oct 1-10. As well as film screening, various industrial and educational programs like Asian Film Market, Asian Film Academy and E-IP market will be held during the festival.
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