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Ko - production in Busan
  • Korean Films Score 10 Million Viewers for 4 Straight Months
  • by KIM Hyun-min /  Nov 07, 2012
  • Total Audience in Excess of 150 million Through End of October
    The Korean Film Council (KOFIC) released the Korean film industry wrap-up report for October 2012. Korean film fever did not let up during the month. This is the first year that Korean films have attracted 10 million viewers to theaters for 4 months in a row since KOBIS was first introduced in 2007. Masquerade became the 7th Korean film to sell over 10 million tickets.  
    The market share for Korean films was 66.5, almost equal to the previous month. 3 out of 5 films watched by over a million viewers were Korean (Masquerade, Perfect Number, and A Company Man). If everything continues this way, the total of Korean film viewers will reach 100 million without difficulty by year's end.
    As of October 31st, 91,600,383 people have watched Korean films. Total viewers for all films outnumbered 150 million. Considering that the total of viewers in 2011 was 159.79 million, the year of 2012 is predicted to reach a new moviegoer record.
    In October 2012, a total of 16 Korean films were presented, which attracted 10,171,144 viewers. The only months during which Korean films have attracted over 10 million viewers are July, August and September of 2012, August of 2011, August of 2009, August of 2007, and August and October of 2006.
    Total viewers in October remarkably increased over 20% compared with last year. Korean films had 66.5% of the market share, whereas number of films, gross sales and number of audience all increased compared with the same month of last year. Masquerade was the biggest driving force of the success of the film industry in October. Released on September 13th, it attracted 5,864,648 viewers to theaters in October. Perfect Number (1.33 million viewers), released on October 18th, and A Company Man (1.1 million viewers) released on October 11th also contributed to the growth of the market.
    * Data provided by KOBIS
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