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Ko - production in Busan
  • London’s KCC enters second half of “The Year of the 12 Directors”
  • Jul 02, 2012

    The Korean Cultural Centre UK (KCCUK), located in London, debuted a “Year of the 12 Directors” program in January 2012 which each month features the public screening of four films from a single Korean director. The final screening of the month also includes a guest appearance and Q&A session with that month’s featured director. Following a recent visit from LEE Joon-ik (<Battlefield Heroes>) in late June, the program will enter its second half with the films of LEE Hyeon-seung (<Hindsight>).
    Overall, the 12 directors featured throughout the program are: LEE Myung-se (January), E J-yong (Feburary), PARK Kwang-su (March), SONG Il-gon (April), JEON Kye-soo (May), LEE Joon-ik (June), LEE Hyeon-seung (July), LEE Yoon-ki (August), JEON Kyu-hwan (September), IM Kwon-taek (October), SONG Hae-sung (November) and LIM Soon-rye (December). A complete list of the films screened is below.
    The KCCUK was opened by Korea’s Ministry of Sports, Culture and Tourism in conjunction with the Embassy of the Republic of Korea in the United Kingdom in order to “enhance friendship, amity and understanding between Korea and the UK through cultural and educational activities.”
    In previous years the KCCUK has regularly held “Korean Film Nights” that have featured a variety of programming. It is also a central organizing force behind the annual London Korean Film Festival, which in 2011 saw almost 5,000 visitors attend its screenings. You can visit their website at:
    “The Year of the 12 Directors”
    LEE Myung-se
    <Nowhere To Hide> (1999)
    <M> (2007)
    <Gagman> (1989)
    <Duelist> (2005) + Q&A
    E J-yong
    <An Affair> (1998)
    <Dasepo Naughty Girls> (2006)
    <Untold Scandal> (2003)
    <Actresses> (2009) + Q&A
    PARK Kwang-su
    <Chilsu and Mansu> (1988)
    <The Uprising> (1998)
    <A Single Spark> (1995)
    <Meet Mr Daddy> (2007) + Q&A
    SONG Il-gon
    <Flower Island> (2001)
    <Feathers In The Wind> (2004)
    <Dance of Time> (2009)
    <Always> (2011) + Q&A
    JEON Kye-soo
    <Midnight Ballad for Ghost Theatre> (2006)
    <A Perfect Day + If You Were Me 4> (2009)
    <Lost and Found> (2010)
    <Love Fiction> (2011) + Q&A

    LEE Joon-ik
    <The King and the Clown> (2005)
    <The Happy Life> (2007)
    <Sunny> (2008)
    <Battlefield Heroes> (2011) + Q&A
    LEE Hyeon-seung
    <The Blue In You> (1992)
    <Sunset Into The Neon Lights> (1995)
    <Il Mare> (2000)
    <Hindsight> (2010) + Q&A
    LEE Yoon-ki
    <This Charming Girl> (2004)
    <Love Talk> (2005)
    <My Dear Enemy> (2008)
    <Come Rain, Come Shine> (2011) + Q&A
    JEON Kyu-hwan
    <Mozart Town> (2008)
    <Animal Town> (2009)
    <Dance Town> (2010)
    <Varanasi> (2012) + Q&A
    IM Kwon-taek
    Retrospective Program (15 films)
    SONG Hae-sung
    <Rikidozan: A Hero Extraordinary> (2004)
    <Maundy Thursday> (2006)
    <Failan> (2001)
    <A Better Tomorrow> (2010) + Q&A
    LIM Soon-rye
    <Three Brothers> (1996)
    <Forever The Moment> (2007)
    <Fly, Penguin> (2009)
    <Rolling Home with a Bull> (2010) + Q&A
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