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Ko - production in Busan
  • KOFIC Launches Labor Support Group for Film Industry
  • by CHO Meanjune /  Aug 08, 2017
  • To Offer Free Counseling Year-round with Certified Labor Attorneys

    The Korean Film Council (KOFIC) has launched the Labor Support Group, which it hopes will prevent labor problems, improve the working environment of production sites and protect the legal rights of the film industry. The Labor Support Group’s programs are available for both workers and companies and will provide clear interpretation and legal guidance in applying various contracts and regulations such as standard labor contracts.

    The Labor Support Group will provide consultation on standard labor contracts and legal advice to protect rights between labor and management of the film industry such as dismissal, substituted payments, contracts, wages, industrial accidents and personnel management. Consultation can be conducted by phone or in person and will provide certified labor attorneys’ statements if legal judgments are required.  

    The Labor Service was launched on July 10th and the first Labor Support Group consists of nine people in total, including four labor attorneys recommended by workers, four labor attorneys recommended by companies and one labor attorney recommended by KOFIC to mediate and resolve disputes related to labor. 

    This Labor Support Group is expected to help facilitate a stable circulation of content production to improve movie making conditions and to protect filmmakers’ legal rights. “We are expecting the Labor Support Group to make the film market fair, to prevent problems that may occur in industrial relations and to plan coexistence in the industry.” said KIM Yong-hoon, the Director of KOFIC.
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