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Ko - production in Busan
  • Wild Flowers Actress CHO Soo-hyang
  • by LEE Ji-hye /  Nov 06, 2014
  • Winner of the 2014 Actress of the Year Award at 19th BIFF
    “I Thought I Was Told a Lie about Receiving the Prize”

    This year’s Busan International Film Festival newly established the 2014 Actress of the Year to inform the world of new promising actors and actresses in independent films.“This actress stimulated even me,”actress and juror Kim Hee-ae said before handing out the prize to this actress. “This actress is full of passions and curiosity. Her film will let you know why. I think that she has a bright future.”  Seeing her feature film debut makes people understand why she deserve to be called ‘The Future of Korean Independent Films.’  This actress is none other than CHO Soo-hyang, the winner of the 2014 Actress of the Year Award at the 19th BIFF. CHO was quivering on setting foot on the stage. Filmmakers, actors and actresses turned their eyes on CHO in the closing ceremony of the BIFF, CHO burst into tears. “I did not enjoy being invited to the film festival. I would like to thank my crew and other actors who worked hard on this project. Once again, I really appreciate their work.” CHO’s message was not clearly heard as her voice was choked up with emotion. But everyone could feel how happy she was at that time.  
    Wild Flower, the feature film debut by director PARK Suk-young, helped CHO win her first trophy in the film world. The film depicts the lives of runaway girls that go too far. In this film, CHO Soo-hyang plays ‘Su-hyang,’ a young girl on the edge of a precipice. She creates a tension between girls of her age and a man who watches them.  CHO’s acting comes across as strange and powerful. “CHO looks like a real-life runaway girl in the film. She is excellent at acting and has a fresh new face,” actress KIM Hee-ae said about her as a juror. CHO’s debut as an actress almost paralleled winning a trophy at the BIFF. After shedding happy tears, the happy actress talked about her dream in interviews with many media.  
    - Your debut work earned you the 2014 Actress of the Year Award at the BIFF. How do you feel about that?
    I never imagined about that. I thought that the prize was none of my business. I do not still believe that I won the prize. In fact, I really felt happy about being invited to the festival. On the other hand, I felt big pressure about showing a film starring me.  But meeting directors, actors and people involved in the film industry really inspired me. 
    - What was the most difficult thing in playing a runaway girl?
    Nothing was difficult. It is not fine for me as an actress to say that acting is tough. Wild Flower is a film about runaway girls. I wanted to make my acting as a runaway girl as real as possible.  Compared to the sufferings of real-life people, my acting is not tough. 
    - What is the most memorable moment during the BIFF?
    My GV event is the most impressive thing. First, I realized that I was not a good speaker. But I was happy as I met with audiences with my director. I am very grateful to spectators who threw serious questions about the film. Taking questions directly from audiences was a new experience.  
    - What kind of acting do you want to do in the future?
    I will not discriminate in favor of certain types of acting. I will make an attempt to play various roles and characters.  The prize woke me to a sense of duty as an actress. I will become an actress that does not disappoint film fans.
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