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Ko - production in Busan
  • What Planet Are You From?
  • by KIM Hyun-jung /  Dec 06, 2016
  • New Stars of Korean Films in 2016 through Auditions

    The most noteworthy rookie in 2016’s Korean film industry might be KIM Tae-ri of The Handmaiden. KIM Tae-ri did wonders in her bold role to lesbian sex even though it would not be easy for veteran actresses, and she visited Cannes with her debut feature. Where did this new star come from? The Handmaiden‘s director PARK Chan-wook found this treasure-like actress among 1,500 other candidates in an audition. 

    Audition is one of the oldest ways to find out fresh new talents. It involves much time and a lot of manpower, but it is the best way to search desired images for directors and movies. The Jungle Book’s Mowgli, Neel Sethi was also selected from auditions conducted across four countries. The film was global hit this year and greatly helped to increase the sales of Disney. Furthermore, new faces have been discovered through auditions in the movie industry this year in Korea. 

    There is a newcomer who is as much loved as GANG Dong-won in VANISHING TIME: A BOY WHO RETURNED. It is a teenage girl, SIN Eun-su who earned her role through a 300:1 audition. VANISHING TIME: A BOY WHO RETURNED team auditioned for six months and finally selected SIN who used to be a singer-trainee of JYP entertainment. Also, starring KIM Yun-seok and scheduled to open on December 14th, Will You Be There? chose rookie CHAE Seo-jin through a 1,000:1 competition. JO Eun-hyung, who played the child version of KIM Min-hee in The Handmaiden, was picked out through an audition, too. In this case, director PARK cast her at a glance, so it is said not to take a long time. 

    More child actors are cast through auditions than adult ones. THE WAILING director NA Hong-jin found KIM Hwan-hee, who can be called the best child actress of the year, through fourth audition process for six months. In addition, one of the lineups for the Berlin International Film Festival, The World of Us leading actress CHOI Soo-in was selected from 300 children who auditioned, and won the Best Child Actor in Feature Film at the Zlin Film Festival, the International Film Festival for Children and Youth in the Czech Republic this year. 

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