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Ko - production in Busan
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  • "Can you stand for it? It's my intension to throw a bomb to audience."
  • by CHOI Hee-sook, Photo by MO Hee-seo /  Apr 14, 2011
  • Seung-chul escaped from death threat in North Korea, yet life in South Korea is not easier at all. Tagged as 125, a mark of North Korean defector, Seung-chul eventually faces his death in South Korea. In guilt of not protecting him, PARK Jung-bum became Seung-chul on screen. As what PARK says on his film, <The Journals of Musan> is a easy, simple film, yet it is hard to watch the film with all of metaphors. With his film, PARK asks a question to the audience if all these cold and cruel violence over an individual can be tolerated. He is still in guilt for what happened to Seung-chul. 

    It is a really strong film, and it is so hard for me to watch it. It struck me so hard.
    I am sorry, maybe it's because of the character. He don't speak much, only he endures burden of life and it moves people's emotion. As time flows, Seung-chul seems to change and audiences hope he can stay as what he is, yet it's impossible. At the end, he lost something most important to him and that's the moment when audience feel devastated most. Idea for the last scene came to my mind accidently. I think audience wonders how he reacts in emotionally insecure state in empathizing with him, especially about the dog.
    <The Journals of Musan> won awards at many different film festivls. Did you expect this success?
    Not at all. BIFF or any other festival is fine with me only if it can meet audience. Otherwise, I could not be sorry enough for staffs and cast. The first draft after 3-month editing runs longer than two and a half hours. I reedited it and submitted to BIFF. I was glad to hear that the film was selected in the competition. It was the second time I felt happy in my film career. The first time was when I won Best Short Award and Audience Award at a film festival with my short <Templementary>(2001). I went to men's room and screamed with joy. LEE Chang-dong congratulated me, too. Last year, I won the Best Film Award at Marrakech Int'l Film Festival. There were so many people and gave me standing ovation when I delivered my speech. During my speech, a tall guy ran toward me and took a picture. It was LEE Chang-dong.
    Are you playing a role in your next film again?
    Sure. I've just finished the first draft. It's a story of a guy living in Gangwon province. Principal photography will start in December in small town where my parents are living and running a small factory of soybean paste, which is the main location for the film. My father was a tennis player and it will be a small part of the story, too. It would be the last time for me to act in my film, though.   

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