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Ko - production in Busan
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  • "I don't know what kind of film I will go for, but I want it to be something outrageous."
  • by CHOI Hee-sook (Feature editor, Blanc), Photo by GOH Joon-rak (Clebus) /  Mar 10, 2011
  • YOON is like a breeze bringing spring over cold, frozen land of Korean cinema. In age of thirty, he even looks like a sweet boy, yet with refreshing scent. At first sight, it's rather unbelievable that he is the director of <Bleak Night>. From his saying that he cherishes the process toward his goal not the goal itself, I can tell a portrait of a future master from him, who is proud of what he is doing.

    There are unexpectedly heated responses to you both in domestic and international film scenes. Is it too much burden for you?
    I just hoped the film could be received well and it is received well, even too much than I expected. Given the reality where so many good films that could not be spotted by media, I think I am quite lucky. But I know I should not be intoxicated by this somewhat over-heated responses. In fact, I don't like puff at all. I just tried to do my best and I myself enjoyed what was done. In the meantime, I was in doubt if the film can approach larger audience, too. I think the essence of the film will be discovered later when this fuss is all gone. There are still many parts that I feel short in the film. After all, I hope I can learn more. 
    It seems to be your intension to describe the aggressor and the victim in rather  ambiguous way. Speaking of characters, like most of creators, did you envision part of your inner side on the characters?
    I can sympathize with all three characters. On the surface, there are people you cannot quite understand, but people are all the same when you look deeper. You can empathize with a person when you spot the person's lack and that's how I approach to building up characters of multi-dimensions. All of the characters were created from people I met.
    When you're young, you were the smart kid in fond of comics. Leaving behind the path of elite, you went to art college and studied filmmaking. Your life trajectory tells that you are the person who knows what you want. And very smart. While you look a bit reserved slow talker and even shy, you are very logical and confident when you're talking, just like your film.
    Am I? I feel like being analyzed here. Need to be smarted for answers.
    Speaking of Ki-tae's father, he seems that he will never know his son. Is this disconnectedness in family an essential reason for all the matter? 
    I don't really buy certain explanation like 'I just became what I am because of my father.' Of course, it could be included in matter of education, but it can never explain a person's inner side. I rather tried to speculate with nuance.
    What would be your next project?
    I do not have anything, really at this moment. I didn't even start writing for my next film, but I would like to make a film of my own script for next film. I am still debating but it would be something outrageous. 

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