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Ko - production in Busan
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  • by LEE Yong-cheol (Film critic), Photo courtesy from Tree Films /  Sep 08, 2011

  • Directorial debut was quite late.
    I started my career in talent management. Working with actors including CHO Jae-hyun and SUL Kyung-gu, I have experienced filmmaking scenes for quite a long time. But I wanted to tell a story of my own and make a film. Everything went fast since I decided to make a film out of my script <Mozart Town>: gathered crews and finished shooting within 15 days. I had no professional crew, but it was exciting and I learned a lot.
    Every dance of characters went failure.
    There is no such story of fighting against fate and winning over it in 'town trilogy,' as the trilogy is not about hero. No matter how hard you try not to be hurt, city leaves scars on people and hurt them. And vice versa: City also gets hurt by people living in. It is the logic of civilization and the nature of world we are living in that town trilogy try to tell.
    What do you want to say about distribution of independent films in Korea?
    Town trilogy have been screened more in overseas theatres than in Korea. The trilogy will be screened in a special program at MoMa of New York City soon. It is a pity to have less opportunity to show my films in home country, but I learned that making film is one thing and showing it is another. It is not about being treated well: independent filmmakers should deserve much better.
    Tell us more about your coming-soon film, <From Seoul To Varanasi> and other project.
    <From Seoul to Varanasi> is an experiment of genres. I wanted to explore melodrama genre out of the genre's prototype. I went to India for attending to a film festival and I was fascinated by the country. That's how I ended up with shooting the film there. YOON Dong-hwan, who liked town trilogy, gave me a call with enthusiasm and I gladly answered him back with the role of main character. The film is an unusual melodrama of an owner of publishing company, his wife, a female writer and terrorist with bomb. The following project is under the title of <Weight>. Set in an ambiguous time and place, the story is about a hunchback, elephant man and a woman with male genital. Script and casting for several roles are already done and principal photography will start un mid November.

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