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Lee Hee-jun: from menacing killer to comical, self-proclaimed heartthrob

Jul 10, 2024
  • Source by Yonhap
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After portraying a disturbing antagonist in Netflix's Korean original series "A Killer Paradox," actor Lee Hee-jun sought a change of pace. This led him to his next project, the black comedy horror "Handsome Guys."

"Even though our experiences are indirect, we still go through them in a way, leaving lingering impressions and trauma," the actor said during an interview with reporters in Seoul on Tuesday.

The shooting of "Handsome Guys" took place on a set built in a forest in the southern port city of Busan for about two months. The filming went smoothly "without ever being disturbed by anyone," the actor said. "We had a lot of fun. There were no difficulties with the filming, and it always felt like we were going on a trip."

The actor genuinely enjoyed himself on the set, laughing so much that the lingering scars faded away.