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A Wild Roomer

Nov 03, 2023
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2023 | 136 MIN l Drama
DIRECTOR Lee Jeong-hong
CAST Park Ki-hong, Choi Kyung-june
RELEASE DATE November 8, 2023
CONTACT Jinjin Pictures
E-MAIL jinjinpic@gmail.com


Ki-hong is living a small but honest job as a carpenter, while living in one part of a house he rents from a wealthy couple, among which is Jung-hwan, who treats him as a friend.  After he sneaks and crashes for the night in the small music school where he did his last job, he finds out the next morning that his van he parked next to the building now has a dented roof. This seemingly random discovery leads Ki-hong into a rabbit hole to try to find out who or what fell onto his car, encouraged by Jung-hwan, excited about this small adventure. They find some footage confirming that someone jumped onto the car, and as the two stay up all night to catch the culprit red-handed, they see a young woman jumping from the music classroom window.  


Directed by Lee Jeong-hong, whose it is his first feature film after a series of compelling shorts, this film takes you on a whimsical journey through the lives of quirky characters, each of whom is never quite what they first appear to be. The heart of A Wild Roomer lies in its exploration of how people navigate the ever-shifting social boundaries that suddenly intrude upon our lives. Life's disruptions can be as subtle as a mere dent on a car, but in this movie, they set off a chain reaction that reshapes the characters' relationships and perceptions. There's no grand mystery or overarching narrative arc here. Instead, the film captures the essence of individuals adapting as life takes them on unexpected detours, portrayed by an ensemble cast primarily composed of actors with no prior experience. "A Wild Roomer" has received critical acclaim, earning prestigious awards such as the New Currents Award and the NETPAC Award at the Busan International Film Festival, along with the Grand Prize at the Seoul Independent Film Festival. 

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