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My Perfect Roommate

Jun 21, 2022
  • Writerby Hellen Park
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2021 | 93MIN l Drama

DIRECTOR Lee Soonsung

CAST Na Moonhee, Choi Woosung 

RELEASE DATE June 22, 2022


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Recently, films that redefine the meaning of family have frequently appeared due to social and cultural changes. Director Lee Soonsung, who worked as a synchronous recording director of films, made a directorial debut with My Perfect Roommate, which also asks the question, ‘What is the true meaning of a family in this era?’ through the process of a college student and an elderly person who share ‘home.’


The film My Perfect Roommate is the story of Gumbun (Na Moonhee) and Jiwung (Choi Woosung), who met through a service program that connects elderly people living alone and college students to live together. Jiwung, who has to work part-time all day to make a living, applies for the ‘room sharing’ service to save monthly rent. However, Gumbun, the elderly woman in her 80s who lives with him, is distrustful and picky. The two divide the house into separate sections and begin uncomfortable cohabiting. At first, everything is problematic for them, but as time goes by, they come to understand each other beyond generations. As soon as she graduated from college, Gumbun had to go to Germany as a dispatched nurse to earn money, while Jiwung was abandoned when he was born and raised in an orphanage, and they naturally accept each other as a family.


Director Lee Soonsung, who worked as a synchronous recording director for the film I Can Speak (2017) and KIM JI-YOUNG, Born 1982, wrote the script of the film inspired by the Seoul Metropolitan Governments youth housing policy. The policy connects college students to rent and live at a low cost in homes of the elderly people who are living alone and easily isolated. Director Lee said, Family consists of blood ties, marriage, and adoption lexically. But the family I think is made by eating, living, and laughing together, delivering the message of the film. Na Moonhee, a veteran actor with more than 50 years of acting experience, and Choi Woosung, a new actor who plays the main character in his debut film, show a touching harmony at the end of the film.

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