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Bankable Actor KIM Myung-min by HWANG Hee-yun /  Sep 18, 2018
KIM Myung-min’s main filmography Box Office Records

Actor KIM Myung-min is well known for pouring his heart out in his films. In Closer To Heaven (2009), he went on an extreme diet for the role of a patient suffering from Lou Gehrig’s Disease, while he completely threw himself in the fire in one scene of Deranged (2012), not even realizing that his leg was burning. The actor, accustomed to dramatic roles, started his career in TV series and went on to the big screen. Since KIM has played numerous serious characters in TV series like Behind the White Tower (2007), Beethoven Virus (2008) and Immortal Admiral Yi-sun-shin (2004), as well as films like Wide Awake (2007) and Open City (2008), he truly started to diversify his acting with Detective K : Secret of Virtuous Widow in 2011. By playing a comic character in the Detective K series, which is now a steady success period comedy franchise, KIM gained a noticeable popularity. His movies, including the Detective K series, Deranged and Pandora (2016) drew over 4.5 million moviegoers each, while films such as The Spies (2012), Proof of Innocence (2016) and A Day (2017) sold more than 1 million tickets. His latest film, Monstrum, attracted a lot of attention for its creature genre, an unusual attempt in Korea. It will be interesting to see how KIM’s switch from drama to action will be received by the viewers. 
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