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Ko-Production Projects

The Weirdo from Mars
  • The Weirdo from Mars
  • Area Japan
  • Genre SF Romantic Comedy
  • Scenario Original
  • Budget(Budget Secured) 0
  • Production Company MoonWatcher Co., Ltd
  • Director TBD
  • Screenwriter Changyeol Cho, Andy Yoon, Inho Hwang
  • Cast(Confirmed) TBD
  • Producer Andy Yoon
Takashi and Mizuki have been dating for 7 years. An ordinary salary man at a travel agency, Takashi wants to marry Mizuki, who dreams of becoming a science fiction screenwriter. However, they break up because they are unable to overcome their different opinions on marriage.
A year later at the airport, Takashi incidentally runs into Andrew, the first human to have stepped foot on Mars, who Mizuki is a huge fan of. But what’s this? Mizuki appears out of nowhere, and gets into Takashi’s car as does Andrew. Some men in black suits seem to be chasing Andrew, and he asks Takashi to drive straight to Kyoto. All of a sudden, Mizuki and Takashi have become partners on this trip to Kyoto. An adoptee, Andrew says he wants to find his birth mother in Kyoto. Meanwhile, an alien life form is lying dormant in Andrew’s body, and this is why the men in black suits are chasing him. Will Takashi and Mizuki be able to fend off the alien’s attack, and recover their love?
· Screenwriter : Andy Yoon
·2016 Musical “Legend Hero” (Executive Producer, Producer)

· Producer : Andy Yoon
·2016 Musical <Legend Hero> Executive Producer, Planning
Korean-Chinese TV tokusatsu<Legend Hero> Executive Producer, Planning / Production
- Recorded the highest target audience rating (13.3%) on EBS channel
- Chinese Tencent Video Channel Weekly / Monthly 2nd ranking record
(2017. 4. topped 1.2 billion view)
Web movie <Special Agent> Investment / Production, Planning / Producer, Dramatization
Brand Webtoon <Special Agent> Planning, Production
·2015 Korean-Chinese movie <The Witness>
Executive Producer / Planning / Production / Dramatization
·2011 Movie <Blind> Executive Producer / Planning / Production / Producer / Dramatization
·2011 – 2013
Webtoon <Mano’s Family – Season 1 and 2> Executive Producer / Planning / Production
·2007 Movie <Two Faces of My Girlfriend> Planning / Chief producer
Movie <The Perfect Couple> Planning / Chief producer
Four TV film series <Temptation of Eve> Planning / Producer
- Recorded the highest audience rating (3.9%) of cable channels
·2006 Movie <Heart is> Planning producer, Movie <My Teacher> Planning chief producer
·2004 Movie <Please Teach Me English>, <Crazy First Love>, <Dead Friend>,<The Big Swindle>, <Romance of Their Own>, <My Sassy Girl>,<A Perfect Match> and countless other investments, administrating production and overseas sales