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Ko-Production Projects

Cannot See, Cannot Hear, But We Still Love
  • Cannot See, Cannot Hear, But We Still Love
  • Area Japan
  • Genre Human Melodrama
  • Scenario Adaptation
  • Budget(Budget Secured) (KRW) 1,500,000,000
  • Production Company COOKIE PICTURES
  • Director Lim Woosung
  • Cast(Confirmed) TBD
  • Producer Kim Minguk
Min Geunsu is a successful photographer with a cold personality. After suddenly losing his eyesight, he falls into despair and attempts suicide by jumping into traffic. However, the police intervene and drag him to the nearest police station. Jeon Sori, born with a hearing disability, is a street vendor who has overcome obstacles with determination and a cheerful attitude.
One day, when she is on the street selling handmade woodwork as usual, she gets into an argument with the street vendor regulation patrol and ends up being taken to the police station.
The police allow Ma Dongseok, the Social Welfare section chief, to leave with Sori under the condition that he also take care of Geunsu. But upon returning home, Geunsu once again attempts to kill himself by jumping off the veranda. Sori discovers him and prevents his fall. Dongseok asks Sori if she can help Geunsu until he can find him an official caretaker. Reluctantly, Sori agrees.
Communication between Geunsu, who cannot see, and Sori, who cannot hear, is nothing but simple. But bit by bit, they find a way to communicate and get to know each other; in turn, their relationship begins to take on a romantic tone.
· Director : Lim Woosung
· “Sera” (2012, short film, invited to 2012 Vancouver International Film Festival’s Dragons & Tigers category)
· “Scars” (Feature film, Screenwriter & Director, 2011 San Sebastian New Directors Competition category, 2011 Daewon Awards Contents Category Special Prize, 2010 Korea France Film Festival Grand Prize)
· “The Vegetarian” (Feature film, Screenwriter & Director, 2010 Sundance Film Festival Official Competition)

· Producer : Kim Minguk
· 2013.07. ~ until now: Film Production company “Cookie Pictures”
- CEO & Producer
· 2009.07. ~ 2013.06.: Film Production Company “FineWorks”
- Executive producer & Chief of Investment, “Empire of Lust”
- Executive Producer “Miracle in Cell No. 7” : Awarded “Best Planning Award” at 2013 Grand Bell Awards
- Executive Producer “Champ”
· 2008.08. ~ 2009.06. Woorideul Startup Investment Company
- Partial investment in “Goodbye”, “District 13: Ultimatum” “Garfield’s Fun Fest”, “Ong Bak 3”
· 2001.01. ~ 2008.07. Investment Company IM Pictures Head of Investment / Marketing team
- Distribution: “Flower Island”
- Marketing: “Africa”, “Too Young to Die”, “A Perfect Match”, “First Love Rally”
- Chief of Marketing: “Dead Friend”
- Chief of Investment: “The Big Swindle”, “Temptation of Wolves”, “Dead Friend” “Antarctic Journal”, “Heaven's Soldiers”, “A Bold Family”, “Vampire Cop Ricky”, “Forbidden Quest”, “APT”, “Fly Daddy”, “Tazza: The High Rollers”, “Three Fellas”, “Love Me Not”, “Muoi: The Legend of a Portrait”, “The Mafia The Salesman”
- Chief of Investment & Marketing: “Our Town”, “Once Upon a Time”